Five Reasons Why A Passover Vacation Is For You

I know it’s only January, but you know what I’m already thinking about? Pesach. (FYI it’s Monday April 10th, and I didn’t even need to look that up, I already memorized the date!) I was already starting to obsess about everything, planning the menus and inviting the seder guests and figuring out where all the cousins are going to sleep. Last year we did it at my sister’s house, so this year it’s supposed to be by us, right?


Because my darling husband Aryeh just told me that he found a wonderful pesach vacation for the whole family! We found some great deals at, so instead of putting up with the headache of making Rachel and Ronit share a room (the horror!!) and wondering if 15 potato kugels is enough for the whole chag (it’s not!!), this spring you can find the extended Silver/Jacobsen/Blum clan in… Boca Raton, Florida!!!

It’s so weird now, April 10th used to be looming out in the distance, but now it can’t get here fast enough! Now I can’t wait to fly to our kosher Passover hotel in Florida. I’m so excited, I’m rolling out a listicle just for you:


1. NO COOKING! (Duh). The big one! As much as the kids love Matzah Pizza, we can’t live off that for a week (especially the adults). Cooking two seders for 25 people each… it’s a lot. Looking forward to dining halls and tea rooms and not spending all of erev chag in the kitchen! Speaking of which…
2. NO CLEANING! Almost as bad as all the cooking is all the cleaning up that goes with it. And kashering the kitchen, checking everywhere for chametz, the never-ending cycle of everyone’s sheets and laundry. Glad there’s a hotel staff to take care of it this year!
3. FREE TIME FOR (AND FROM) THE KIDS! Of course I love having my Rachel, Ronit and Reuven around, but kiddos: I’m not the entertainment coordinator! And even if I were, sometimes we’re going to go on a nice hike instead of the Yankees game. Sorry! At the hotel the kids will have lots of activities to keep them busy, giving the adults an opportunity to get a massage or sit by the pool and read ?
4. RELAXING! Okay I know I just talked about the massage but now I’m making it a separate entry. Ahhhhh….
5. PERSONAL SPACE! Don’t get me wrong, I love having the whole family together, but the house is getting a liiiiiiiiiiiittle tight, especially with Mikey and Shira’s new baby. A hotel will be just fine.

More soon!


(PS: Just realized that Rachel and Ronit will have to share a hotel room. LOL!)

Looking to get away this pesach? Call today to book your Passover vacation with Leisure Time Tours at 800-223-2624.

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