Sukkot Kosher Hotel Details


Included in the cost of the Sukkot program are guest accommodations (commensurate to category selected), three Glatt Kosher meals daily and tea rooms. All other special activities and programs that are provided by us or by the hotel are strictly optional and are attended at the discretion of the guest.


A €750 per person deposit is required to hold your reservation and can be made by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, check or wire transfer. All other payments are to be made by check or wire transfer only. By sending in a deposit or payment, the client acknowledges that they have read and accepted the general information terms and conditions concerning our Sukkot program. Client agrees that if they pay any amount of their bill by credit card, they agree that they will not decline, reject or challenge any amount charged on their credit card for any reason. By sending in a deposit or payment, the client acknowledges that they have read and accepted the general information terms and conditions concerning our Sukkot programs. Final payment is due no later than August 21, 2019.


There is no refund of the deposit if cancelled after July 25, 2019. Final payment is due no later than August 21, 2019. There will be no refunds for any reason whatsoever for cancellations made after August 21, 2019 including for any missed days or missed meals during the Sukkot program. Please understand that the cancellation policy schedule and fees are neither arbitrary nor intended to be punitive. They are based on contractual obligations and on an evaluation of costs we incur.
We strongly advise trip insurance to safeguard yourself against life’s uncertainties. We recommend CSA Travel Protection. Their phone number is 800-554-9839. Our tour code number is Tour0001.


Leisure Time Tours and/or the Travel Agent act only as Agents for the various companies or contractors providing accommodations and other services. Leisure Time Tours is not an agent of any airline, bus company or other carrier and is not responsible in connection with same. All arrangements for any transportation are the sole responsibility and obligation of the passenger/guest. Participation in the program shall be deemed to be consent to the further conditions that Leisure Time Tours shall not be in any way liable for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by defect or irregularity in any vehicle or through any acts or defaults of any company or person engaged in conveying services to the passengers, or of any hotel proprietor, food purveyor or any personnel or servant otherwise in connection therewith. Any exchange coupon, order, invoice, or ticket is to be regarded as one contracted by or on behalf of the particular person or company named in it. The contract in use shall constitute the sole contract between the purchaser of these programs, tours, passengers or hotel guests. The right is reserved to withdraw the tour announced in this program and/or to make such alterations as may be desirable for the convenience of the parties and proper carrying out of the programs. Leisure Time Tours is not the owner or lessee of the hotel in which this program is being conducted. Leisure Time Tours (“d/b/a” of Leisure Time Tours of N.Y. Corp.) is the primary booking agent for: Leisure Time Travel, Inc., the sponsor of the Mandarin Oriental Prague Sukkot Program and the Hotel California Park, Forte dei Marmi. Accordingly, Leisure Time Tours, and the entities it serves as set forth above, shall not be held responsible in any way for injury, loss, damage, accident, delay or irregularity as a result of the acts or defaults of the caterer and/or the hotel owner and/or proprietor or its agents, servants, employees, personnel and representatives. In the event it becomes necessary or advisable for the passenger’s or guest’s comfort and welfare, or for any reason whatsoever, to alter the arrangements, such alterations may be made without penalty. Additional expenses, if any, shall be borne by the passengers or guests. The right is reserved to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of any tour or program at any time. Kashruth Supervision is provided only during our Sukkot stay. All meals are Glatt Kosher.