With Leisure Time Tours 2024 Passover Programs, you and your family can choose from one of the following kosher vacation experiences:

Evermore Bay

Evermore Resort

Orlando, Florida

Welcome to an Orlando resort unlike any other – thoughtfully designed for families and groups. Enjoy private home serenity with luxury amenities, located right next door to Walt Disney World. Relax around 20 acres of beaches surrounding an 8-acre crystal clear lagoon. At Evermore Orlando Resort, enjoy a fun-filled Florida beach experience.

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Imperiale Palace Hotel

Imperiale Palace

Santa Margherita, Portofino, Italy

Imperiale Palace Hotel is the ideal getaway for those who seek comfort, elegance and style, a refuge offering high level services in the vicinity of the famous areas such as Portofino, Rapallo, Camogli, Sestri Levante and Genoa. The hotel is one of the most prestigious hotels in Liguria.

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Ocean Place Resort & Spa

Ocean Place Resort and Spa

Long Branch, New Jersey

Ocean Place Resort & Spa exudes a unique and relaxed atmosphere with a touch of modern luxe sophistication. Overlooking a magnificent stretch of beach in Long Branch, it is truly a hidden gem among NJ beachfront hotels.

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PGA National Resort & Spa

PGA National

Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach, Florida AAA 4-Diamond world-class luxury resort. Five tournament-ready golf courses, 19 tennis courts, and a European Spa. ! The facility, the sunny weather, the outstanding kosher food and the service make this an incredible option for you to choose for Passover 2024.

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The much-anticipated time of year sends countless families to Glatt kosher-ready destinations for relaxation, fine dining and connection.  A Passover resort is the perfect opportunity to get away, spend quality time with family, and indulge in delicious food over a long and meaningful holiday. We reflect on the past, while elevating our religious experience. Pesach vacations are back stronger and better than ever. A Passover Program in 2024 is complete with extensive kosher menus at every meal, impressive & fully-stocked tea rooms, pools & beaches, on-site activities & amenities, religious services & learning opportunities, Chol Hamoed day trips, — and free of the need to prepare your home and family needs during this busy time of year.  Let Leisure Time Tours offer your family an unparalleled luxury Passover program at one of our four kosher locations!

Passover programs handle everything you need for your Pesach stay, from perfect travel locations to fabulous kosher food. Leisure Time Tours stands behind the belief that we are the best in the business, with over 60 years of success and quality delivered in kosher travel during the Pesach holiday and beyond.   Get ready for a Pesach experience filled with highest standard kosher culinary creations, engaging activities for men & women of all ages, children’s programming that ensures joy, and an ambiance that artfully blends comfort and class. We offer fully equipped shuls and daily minyanim, uplifting scholars in residence as well as lectures and shiurim. Davening is enhanced by outstanding chazzanim (cantors) and led by notable Rabbonim (rabbis). Our lecturers present on a variety of Jewish topics, both scholarly and secular, enriching your Jewish education and connection. We offer the best in children’s programming, entertainment for the family and quality tours and day trips over Chol HaMoed.

How to Celebrate Passover

RELAX while Leisure Time Tours does the actual work for you at one of our many quality Passover resorts worldwide.  Many Jewish people choose to book Passover vacations so they do not need to undergo the cleaning and cooking that preparing for Passover entails, or their house is not large enough to contain the extended family for the holiday, or they wish to experience an adventure in an upscale hotel. Of all of the Jewish holidays, Pesach takes the most physical preparation. It’s common for people to start cleaning for the Passover holiday at least a month before the holiday begins, if not earlier. So if you can only take one vacation, Pesach is definitely the one to choose. Sell your chometz, lock your house, and check in at your favorite Leisure Time Tours Pesach USA or European destination. It’s just that easy!

Do All Hotels Have the Same Passover Resort Programs?

Kosher travelers have a lot to choose from, as numerous Pesach programs exist.  The public is bombarded with Passover listings and promotions in many popular Jewish publications.  There are vacation spots in luxury beach hotel locations or cruises and within commuting distance to your workplace that still over an incredible holiday experience. Leisure Time Tours’ guests immerse themselves in our Passover programs over the competition for many reasons, from the over 60 years of success in the kosher travel industry to the impeccable reputation of returning families every Pesach for many years.  This year, Leisure Time Tours is pleased to present 4 programs in various locations: The Jersey Shore, Florida, and Italy.

Kosher For Passover Fine Dining

Kosher for Passover dining and great foods are not often synonymous. More often than not, the typical menu during Passover is repetitive, bland, and could hardly be called a mouth-watering meal. However, Leisure Time Tours has made it part of its mission to bring fine dining, with all its delicious flavors and presentation, to every Passover vacation. They hand-pick the top-tier Kosher chefs in each program that will change your perception of Passover dining forever.

Some of our famous menu items include:

  • Prime Delmonico Burger In A Soft Gluten-Free Bun
  • Kosher For Passover Open Fire Grilled Sourdough
  • Tender Aged Cowboy Steak With An Chef-Prepared
  • Kosher For Passover BBQ Sauce
  • Crispy Pommes Frites With Red Wine Catsup
  • Panko Onion Rings

Each meal is prepared with the finest quality ingredients and prepared fresh daily. We make sure to incorporate local ingredients and flavors based on where our Passover resort programs are available. We also offer allergy-friendly menus for guests who have sensitivities to certain ingredients.

How Leisure Time Tours Finds Their Passover Resorts

When considering a location to host a Passover vacations, our team explores and considers the following:

  • The beauty and cleanliness of the entire hotel and its suitability for a Passover program
  • Aesthetically-pleasing grounds and outdoor opportunities for families of all ages
  • On-site activities and amenities, and close proximity to a variety of experiences
  • Easy access for traveling needs
  • Accommodating staff and kosher kitchen needs
  • Bringing the best kosher cuisine to the hotel

Every Leisure Time Passover program site offers comfort, convenience, and amenity that satisfies an array of guests every Pesach. Our resorts offer the opportunity to lie back and be completely pampered. Alternatively, you can go non-stop enjoying one activity after another — enjoy kosher food like never before and so much more! Our Pesach program operators must begin planning many months before Passover. Enlisting a renowned kosher caterer, contracting the best entertainment, and inviting the best spiritual leaders and educators are also critical components of the Pesach program planning. Giving guests an experience of a lifetime is our primary goal.

Explore Your Destination Day Trips

Regardless of your location, you will have the option of exploring the area during Chol Hamoed, by signing up for day trips and exciting excursions. Specialty crafted glatt kosher for Passover lunches will be available for anyone who plans to leave each resort during the day and needs provisions. Tours of Milan at our Italy program, biking adventures at our New Jersey beach program, a round of golf at our Florida location and endless outdoor thrill-seeking experiences at our Utah location will grant every guest an enhancement to their Passover vacation.  Suppose you prefer to stay at the resort. In that case, you can take advantage of all resort amenities, such as nature walks, swimming, and spa treatments, as well as Torah learning and activity-based programs organized on site by Leisure Time Tours.

Not only are there adult programs, there is also nursery care for babies and toddlers and day camp for older children 4-12. Day Camp at each location is a great way to ensure your children’s enjoyment and allow adults to experience the area around each hotel. Regardless of your family’s needs, be assured that there is something for everyone during the Passover holiday.

Creating a Family Tradition Over Passover At One Of Our Diamond Resorts

The Venue Options, the Exquisite Catering, the Diverse Guests, the Excellence…there is nobody that does Passover like Leisure Time Tours. There is something for everyone seeking a Passover program that impresses the most discerning client. Passover with Leisure Time Tours offers a commitment to customer service and satisfaction for all.   Once you have decided on your location, take action and book your trip, as these programs will sell out! For over 60 years, Leisure Time Tour has been a recognized specialist in innovative group travel programs geared to the Jewish market. Our name has become synonymous with integrity, quality, and professionalism.

We hope you and your family will join us to celebrate Passover 2024!