Sukkot Hotel Vacation 2018

Enjoy A Sukkot Vacation

For a truly celebratory holiday, consider traveling to a Sukkot vacation spot instead of simply staying at home. In fact, Sukkot travel has many benefits that can greatly improve your holiday experience.

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Let Someone Else do the Work

Sukkot is a festive holiday with several celebrations honoring agricultural roots. Spending Sukkot at a hotel can make the holiday much more enjoyable and enable you and your family to truly relax. From building a Sukkah to going out to buy a lulav and etrog, staying at a hotel eliminates the need for you to do these tasks, because we’ll take care of them all for you. It also gives you the fantastic opportunity to get your entire immediate and extended family together all in one sukkah and celebrate the holiday.

The sukkah will be large, spacious, and beautifully decorated to give you a wonderful holiday experience. All of the kosher food cooked by the professional chefs of Elite Kosher Events is under the strict halachic supervision of Rabbi G.M. Garelik & Rabbi M. Shaikewitz of Milan, who are working with us to provide only the best food under Glatt Kosher Supervision. All of the food that we will serve over of this 7-day holiday is made from the finest ingredient obtained directly from local producers, and the menus will consist of everything from Italian cuisine to traditional Jewish dishes.

A Truly Relaxing Experience

What does it take for you to really relax and unwind? Staying in a hotel during Sukkot frees up time for you to engage in those pursuits that you enjoy. Booking Sukkot travel to a destination that offers resort-style amenities such as golfing, sightseeing, swimming, shopping and more allows you to really unwind. Visit a spa and have a relaxing experience that will reaffirm that going to a hotel for sukkot was the right decision.

Daily minyanim will also be held, as well as Divrei Torah, discussion sessions, and thought provoking lectures. Children programs will also be offered throughout the entirety of the trip, and all this along with the optional sightseeing tours will make this Sukkot travela truly unique experience.

Spend Time with the Whole Family

Sukkot is a holiday of getting together in one sukkah to spend time with those people that you love most — your family. Choosing a destination such as Fiuggi opens up whole new worlds to explore. Sukkoth Resorts like the Grand Hotel Palazzo Della Fonte, for example, offer luxurious accommodations and activities. In addition, its convenient location means that you have ample access to historic, cultural and sightseeing opportunities that promise to make this Sukkot one that will be remembered for years to come.

For over 60 years, Leisure Time Tours has been specializing in Sukkoth resorts. A ground-breaking leader in Jewish travel, let Leisure Time Tours provide you with an exceptional Sukkot vacation spot.

Enjoy a luxurious Sukkot vacation in an elegant Italian hotel.