Yossi Fachler

May 16, 2017

Yossi Fachler is a UK born natural people’s man. He graduated from College in Jerusalem and has been living in London since 1991 with his wife Sarah, and two children where he became youth Minister in two central London Synagogues. Since then, Yossi’s services are used on a bi-monthly basis by the United Synagogue Community Division and the Office Of The Chief Rabbi to take the Shabbat Services around the UK communities, giving the sermons, blending in his famous sense of humor and topped off with his beautiful davening voice.

Since then, he has subsequently presided over the high holidays all over the world, including three years at the Saatchi Synagogue, St John’s Wood, South Hampstead, North Brook Illinois, St Albans, Glasgow, Birmingham, Radlett, Cardiff and Hendon – where he takes the services in davening and sermons. In 2005, and again in 2015, Yossi successfully promoted the ’60 days for 60 years’ and ’70 days for 70 years’ projects to over 250,000 members of the Jewish community around the world. In his spare time, Yossi gives evening lectures around the UK, to business people, lay people and high school students alike.

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