Larry Hill

Larry Hill is the Chairman of the Board of The Lawfare Project, which is a non-profit think tank and litigation fund that works to protect the human and civil rights of Jews worldwide. The Lawfare Project funds legal actions to protect free speech and civil rights by challenging anti-Semitism and discrimination against Jews. Larry is currently counsel of record in two pending landmark civil rights cases brought against San Francisco State University for alleged free speech and civil rights violations. Larry is also a partner with the international law firm of Winston & Strawn in NY, where he is the global head of the firm’s tax controversy practice. The NY Times has described Larry as “a leading member of the American tax bar. Larry will be speaking at the PGA on the Lawfare Project over Passover. He lives in Woodsburgh, Long Island with his wife, Lori Schlesinger. They have five children and nine grandchildren and counting.

December 26, 2016

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