Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Visit the Czech Republic

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There is something about autumn that always piques a feeling of wanderlust. The long summer nights are beginning to give way to crisp cool autumn mornings and each gust of wind carries with it the scent of adventure. Sometimes just closing your eyes and letting yourself imagine where that breeze would take you…Somewhere steeped in history and pulsing with energy, somewhere with beautiful natural scenery and vibrant nightlife, somewhere where a modest budget can open up a whole world of adventures. Somewhere like the Czech Republic.

If you, feel the call of adventure… now is the perfect time to plan a Sukkot trip at the Mandarin Oriental in Prague.

Here are 6 reasons why the Czech Republic is the perfect fall destination.

  1. Affordability: After the high intensity of summer travel, things settle down a bit in the fall. Both flights and hotels are deeply discounted. Save money on a basic hotel room or consider splurging on more luxurious lodgings. Either way you’ll get a much better deal than traveling during peak times.
  2. Less Crowds: With school starting and many people back to their work grind, the streets and hiking trails will be more open for you to explore. Take your time and get lost in the enchanting streets of Prague, wander past the statue of the feared Slavic god of fertility in the Beskid Mountains, or bask in the resplendent autumn glory of Pravčice Sandstone Gate, one of the largest natural rock arches in Europe.
  3. Entertainment: Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the sounds of Vivaldi’s, “The Four Season”s at the stunning Clementinum complex, to explore the acclaimed Jewish Museum of Prague or to enjoy all the fun that festival season has to offer. Immerse yourself in the wonder of the interactive light installations at the Signal Festival or visit one of the many wine harvest festivals in and around Prague to revel in the festive spirit of autumn.
  4. Food: Fall is mushroom and wild game season in the Czech Republic and the perfect time to try something new. Seasonal delicacies such as wild boar goulash or savory dumplings smothered with a delicate mushroom gravy will warm your stomach and delight your tastebuds.
  5. Foliage:  Both the city and the countryside are at their most photogenic in the fall.  Prague has several enchanting parks from which to view the spectacular foliage.  But, to really immerse yourself in the beauty of autumn views, take the hour and a half journey to Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Located about an hour and a half from Prague, the park’s lush gulches, towering sandstone cliffs, tiny villages and farmlands, and impressive rock formations come alive in the deep oranges and yellows of fall.
  6. Weather: Summers, especially in Prague, can get oppressively hot. Take advantage of the cooler air and beautiful foliage to do some serious hiking or relaxed wandering.  Whatever your travel style, autumn in the Czech Republic is the perfect place to begin your adventures.

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