What to Pack When Celebrating Sukkot in Italy

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Have you decided to get away for a kosher Sukkot vacation? If so, congratulations! In my experience, it’s been a fun and relaxing experience, and I can’t wait to get away again this year! As a friendly reminder, Sukkot this year starts Sunday night, October 13th, so mark your calendars.

This year, my family will be traveling to Italy for Sukkot. Now, today when I’m writing this, it may be too early to start actually packing your bags. (Of course, you may be reading this later. Like much later, maybe the day before your flight, and now you’re thinking to yourself OH MY GOODNESS I NEED TO PACK RIGHT NOW I’M SO STRESSED WHAT AM I GOING TO DO! This post… is more for people in the middle, still with a little more time until takeoff.) Here are some general packing tips and things to take with you when you travel abroad for your kosher Sukkot vacation:

  1. PASSPORT. Obviously, if you are traveling abroad for Sukkot (or for any reason, really), you will need to have your family’s passports, so make sure you have them with you (and not in the bank safe deposit box, or hidden away in your home somewhere). Also, make sure that they are up to date, and that they are valid for at least six months after the end of your trip. (In case you are reading this closer-ish to your departure date, know that there are options to expedite your passport renewal, for a fee). Also, make sure to check if you need a visa for your destination. Since we are traveling from the United States to Italy and it’s as tourists for less than 90 days, we do not need a special visa, but check for specific details depending on where you’re going (and where you’re from, for all my non-American readers).
  2. SHOES. I’ve traveled places in the past where we were a little unprepared for the weather. For example, when my daughter Ronit had to buy a sweater in San Francisco in July because it got so chilly at night. So, getting a sweater or a bathing suit or a hat isn’t such a big deal. But shoes can be harder, so make sure to come prepared with the right footwear! For Italy, it’s important to bring comfortable walking shoes, because if you’re walking around the cobbled streets of older European cities, you don’t want to be in heels. Wedges or flats should do nicely.

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Of course, before you start packing you need to plan your Sukkot vacation! Contact Leisure Time Tours at 718-528-0700 for more information.


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