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What to Expect on Your Passover Vacation

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The scent of pesach is in the air. Can you smell it? Simcha raba Simcha raba, Aviv higiah pesach ba! Spring is on its way in, winter is on the retreat, so it’s time to put away your big coats and mittens and scarves, and unpack your shorts and sandals and … hagaddahs!

This year my family will be going away to a kosher Passover vacation. What will you be up to – are you staying home, or heading out on an adventure somewhere else?

If you are going to a kosher Passover hotel, get ready for a fun and relaxing vacation! Here are a couple things you can expect on your Passover vacation:

  1. Cooking a meal is fun. Cooking for a meal my family is fun. Cooking a meal for my full, extended family is … a lot of work. Same thing with dishes: cleaning up after a five-person meal is one thing, but when the seder is 29 people (which means 29 sets of cutlery and plates and glasses, as well as all the dishes that go into cooking and serving the food for 29 people)… yeah, that’s a whole bigger challenge right there. Fortunately, when you’re on a Passover vacation, you can expect not to have to worry about food! The meals are all taken care of (and as importantly, so is all the cleaning up afterward!). The food will be delicious and nutritious (and kosher for pesach, of course), with a wide range of options (from your carnivorous Uncle Solly to your vegetarian niece Miriam), and best of all, it’s stress-free!
  2. FUN AND ACTIVITIES. If you’re doing pesach at home, you might go in to work on chol hamoed, or you might have to plan the daily activities for the kids (the park, the movies, the mall …). When you’re on a Passover vacation, you have lots of fun activities right at your fingertips! There’s athletic activities like playing tennis on the courts or swimming in the pools, or there’s more relaxing activities like spending an afternoon at the spa or reading a new book by the pool. Different family members can each do their own thing, which can also include childcare for some of the younger children. Of course, you don’t have to stay in the hotel the whole time – you can plan day trips to wherever you are to see the local sights and what the city (or country!) has to offer. It’s a vacation, but you should definitely make the most of it!

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