Fabric sukkah decorated with printed pattern and hebrew text of blessing: Grant peace everywhere goodness and blessing, Grace, lovingkindness and mercy to us and unto all Israel, Your people.

What are the Ceilings of Consciousness?

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The famous sage, the Ari (Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, the famous kabbalist), acknowledges that there are stages of consciousness when it comes to Judaism. The sages are in the higher stages, which are above the majority of people. But what does this truly mean? 

The Role of Holidays

During holidays our souls are elevated, and the more mitzvot you do, the higher and closer to G-d you reach. When it comes to the holiday of Sukkot, the standard understanding is that it is put in place to remember the homes we built while being stuck in the desert, and how we were protected by the hands of G-d. However, when the sukkah is accurately assembled, the sukkah becomes a sort of magical transporter, being able to break through levels of consciousness. The sukkah brings divine holiness and helps to elevate us to a higher level of spirituality.

The Role of the Roof

The roof of the sukkah is a crucial part of this elevation, it must be Kosher. The roof is the only thing separating us from the heavens, so it has to be erected properly.  The material used to create the roof is called Schach, which has hasidic origins in the phrase “perceiving with divine inspiration”. This phrase has been coined in regards to describing Sarah, our matriarch, because the root of her name is the same: “Isca”. 

By using the correct schach, the roof of the sukkah now becomes a spiritual medium to break through stages of consciousness. The roof is now a translator for the holy wisdom to come down to us, to help us understand. The roof is towering over us, watching us and guiding us straight up to the higher levels of consciousness, just like our mother Sarah. 

The Role of the Height

The height of the sukkah has to be 20 cubits high, not higher. The sages announced that by the sukkah being 20 cubits tall or even shorter, the people sitting inside can say that they are sitting in the shade from the Sukkah. To dive deeper, people always look at the person next to them and compare themselves. This is the incorrect thing to do, you should only reflect on yourself and strive to grow and flourish. Even the highest tzaddikim are said to have been personally affected by their peers. So, by the Sukkah being 20 cubits high, the person inside can see that the light is coming from the schach, and s/he is sitting in its shelter, not their peers.

Schach means to “hover”, it guides and gives the Jewish people the surrounding light around them. To get more technical, the numerical value of the word “Schach” is 100. This symbolizes the 100 brachot that a Jew is meant to say every day. Hence, through the sukkah’s roof, the divine light is shown to the Jewish people, and we return and reciprocate in our participation. 

Yes, the sukkah should be considered your new home for the week, but this home has a very cool character trait: the roof is partially see-through. You need to make sure that you can see the stars from within the Sukkah, for this is a portion of the light that will be brought down to the people inside. The Schach will help this divine light break all the barriers needed to reach you. Jews need to make sure that they complete all the traditions and mitzvot, and make sure that their sukkah is kosher in order to achieve enlightenment and connection with G-d. 

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