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A Tuscany Travel Guide for Passover Travelers

Tuscany offers a beautiful landscape for travelers from all walks of life. Some like to take a step back in time and follow the footsteps of history, while others simply enjoy the picturesque countryside and bask in the beauty and culture of the area. For Jewish travelers, there are many attractions that you simply can’t miss during your Passover travel to Tuscany.

Of course, the first stop on your itinerary will be your kosher hotel. Leisure Time Tours offers several excellent options for those who wish to explore Tuscany, including Hotel Byron and California Park Hotel, both located in beautiful Forte Dei Marmi, Italy. Once you’ve checked in and unpacked, you’ll want to begin exploring the beautiful countryside around you with visits to some of these exciting locations:

Museum of the Jewish People – This venue is so much more than a museum. It is an opportunity for Jewish people to connect with their roots and strengthen their own personal identity. You can explore your history, culture, faith, and find your own sense of purpose. The museum presents the 4,000 year history of the Jewish people in an effort to strengthen and encourage the Jewish population around the world.

Jewish Florence Walking Tours – These tours not only allow Jewish visitors to Florence to explore the rich history of the area, but also explore the contributions their ancestors made to history. The tours are led by Giovanna Bossi Rosenfeld, who is both a licensed tourist guide and a historian of Florentine architecture. She is widely praised for her ability to bring history alive with the stories she tells on her tours.

The City of Pisa – At Home in Tuscany recommends visiting Pisa for anyone interested in exploring the Jewish history of the city. For those who are unaware, records can be found of Jewish families in the area as early as 850 A.D. By 1165, there were at least 20 Jewish families living in Pisa. Once Medici came into power, Jewish families were being encouraged to settle in Pisa. The Jewish Cemetery is well-preserved and a fascinating place to visit. The former home of Giuseppe Pardo Roques, a Jewish philanthropist, is a private residence today, but holds a plaque honoring his life for providing safe haven for 11 other people, six of whom were Jews.

These stops will make your Passover travels enlightening while allowing you to explore the rich history and Jewish culture of the Tuscany region. For more information, or to book a hotel, visit our website or call us today at (718)528-0700.

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