Traveling Traditions – Traditions to Make on Passover Vacations

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The Pesach seders are a time of education and repetition. A lot of the songs have a repetitive element to them, and we see a lot of the same themes get repeated within a seder, from the first seder to the next, and even from one year’s seder to the next. More than any other holiday, at least to me, Pesach feels like a time when traditions are built and maintained along the years and across the generations. 

Making and keeping these traditions can be relatively easy to do in the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s a certain tune, a certain recipe for charoset, or whatever idiosyncratic way you have of doing something, you certainly have more control over how Pesach will turn out when you’re doing it at your house with your rules. However, what do you do when you’re away for Pesach? What happens if you’re visiting some far-flung family member for the Pesach holiday, or spending a week at a kosher Pesach vacation? Dealing with traditions can be a little trickier then. So rather than trying to do your usual traditions when on vacation, maybe you’ll want to try some new, vacation-specific traditions, things you and your family do when you’re away. Here are a few suggestions for new traditions to make on your next Passover vacation: 

  1. MAKE A LOCAL-STYLE MATZA. When you travel to a new city, one of the things you’d probably most like to try is the food, to get a sense of the local traditions and cuisine. That can be hard if your destination does not have a wide selection of kosher restaurants and can be doubly challenging if you’re only there on Pesach when many kosher restaurants might be closed. A neat Pesach tradition you might want to adopt, then, is to create matza that has a bit of the local spirit and flavor to it. This is easiest in a place like Italy, where you can just make a matza pizza; it might be a little more challenging in a different country, but that’s where you get to use your imaginations to come up with something yummy and original!
  2. TAKE A PHOTO WITH YOUR MAPS. This is a tradition that my husband’s parents started when they would travel to new places. They would have someone take a photo of them at some very touristy location, with them reading a map with staged looks of confusion on their faces. Nowadays, maps aren’t even that useful since everyone has maps on their phones, but in my family, we’ve continued to take these types of photos of us with maps in very touristy locations. Maybe a map isn’t your photo prop of choice, but it can be fun to take the same type of photo wherever you are in the world.

What traditions do you have while you are on vacation? Get ready for your Passover vacation, contact Leisure Time Tours to book now.

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