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Traveling Traditions to Make on Passover Vacations

Hello dear readers,

Are you going away for a kosher Passover vacation? If so, congratulations! Not only will you be staying in a relaxing hotel environment with all the (kosher for pesach) food taken care of, along with tfillot and activities and all the rest, but you also won’t have to do all the worrying and cleaning and cooking and all the other stuff that comes with doing pesach at home. What a relief!

You’ll of course have time to do lots of fun activities, see the local sights, or just sit by the pool and relax. Still, you might be looking for something a little different, a fun family tradition or two to make part of your pesach traveling traditions. Well, look no further, dear readers, because you’re in luck! Here are a few fun traditions you can start (or continue) this pesach:

  1. FAMILY PHOTO. In our family we try to do a family photo twice a year, once at pesach and once at Rosh Hashanah. Our Rosh Hashanah photo is always in the same place (the den in our house), and always in our nice yom-tov clothes. On pesach, though, it’s always in a different location (either somewhere else in the neighborhood or on vacation), we wear more casual (or tropical!) clothes, and we also do a photo with whatever extended family we’re with. I love looking through the family photos from one pesach to the next, it’s a fun tradition!
  2. PHOTO CONTEST. Now, I love family photos, but I’m TERRIBLE at taking photos myself. I do, however, enjoy a creative and artsy photo, so whenever the extended family goes on a vacation my siblings and I serve as the three judges in a photo contest! Usually we look for photos that have to do with pesach and/or the vacation site. Each photographer submits three photos (all without names, so we don’t know whose is whose), and we choose a first-, second- and third-place winner, and have small prizes. It’s another fun way to make memories of all the fun you’ll be having on your vacation!
  3. EATING CONTEST. My girls and I don’t participate, but my son Reuven is just now starting to develop the teenager’s appetite that will enable him to compete with his older cousins. When we’re at home we keep track of who eats the most matzah-pizza, but when we’re on vacation it’s usually the most hotel jello cups. (There’s no prize for this one, though—just glory in knowing that you ate lots and lots of jello!)

These are some of my family’s traditions, but we’re always looking for fun ways to continue to fun-ify our pesach vacations. If you have a tradition you’d like to share with me (and with the wider blog community), I’d love to hear it!

More soon,



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