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15. February 2017 Boca Raton 0

Hello dear readers,

At around this date last year, I wrote about the origins of the Hillel sandwich, as an introduction to sharing five family recipes for charoset. No new recipes in this post (make sure to check back in a week or two!), so I wanted to write a little bit about THE BEST PESACH SANDWICHES.

Yes, it’s tough to have a real “sandwich” on pesach – no bread! But you can still make yummy sandwiches with two pieces of matzah! (Or one piece – there’s a machloket in our family about whether it’s still a “sandwich” if it’s open face. In this post, we’ll say that one piece of matzah still counts).

We won’t be making as many sandwiches since we’re going on our Passover kosher vacation in Boca Raton (no cooking, all catered!!!), so here’s a definitive ranking of pesach sandwiches, based on a poll I took of family and friends:

1) MATZAH PIZZA (14 votes) – Our family churns out so many matzah pizzas over pesach that I’m starting to think we should get a special pizza over just for pesach. So I was a little surprised that this option wasn’t more of the clear favorite. Still, it did grab the number one spot. There’s just so many ways to customize a matzah pizza: olives, anchovies, onion, pineapple (why pineapple Aryeh??), and of course all the different types of cheese. Sneaky downside, though: it’s hard to bring matzah pizza as lunches on a day trip. Hope the hotel in Florida will have a bunch of yummy options to take with us when we do our daytrip to the beach!

2) MATZAH AND CREAM CHEESE (11½ votes) – Another staple of the Silver/Jacobsen/Blum clan, this one is much easier to take on the go: Just pack a box of matzah, a tub of cream cheese, some plastic knives, and you’re all set! When you eat matzah and cream cheese, it almost feels like eating a bagel and cream cheese! (Well, almost…). The half-vote here comes from my nephew Efraim, the resident carnivore of the family. He said he loves matzah and cream cheese but also had to vote for something with meat (see number 4).

3) MATZAH AND AVOCADO (5 votes) – My personal favorite, it’s healthier than cream cheese or pizza, and so filling! Yum!

4) MATZAH AND COLD CUTS (3½ votes) – This one’s for all the meat-eaters out there (including Efraim)! Interestingly, all 3 voters here made sure to say that a sandwich has to have two pieces of matzah, not one. Hmm. I don’t eat cold cuts that often, but I confess that if I were to have a pesach salami sandwich, I would want two pieces of matzah.
5) MATZAH WITH MARROR (1 vote) – Grandpa Yossi had the only vote here. He’s really looking forward to the seders this year in Florida!

More soon,

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