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Hello dear readers,

As many of you are well aware, I often travel for work. In fact, I just looked at my calendar for the last year and realized that I had booked at least one flight during each month of the year, which is a personal record! Of course, many of those were work trips, but there were other trips mixed in there too. With all that experience flying throughout the year, I thought I’d rank my favorite months to travel. In order not to disparage some of those other months (looking at you, February!), let’s only do the top four:

4. December. On the surface, this seems like a weird one. And yes, it can be terrible to fly out of New York in the dead of winter, when weather delays might slow you down. But in December I’m usually traveling to warmer climates, so it can be a nice treat to get away from the snow and know that I’ll be landing somewhere pleasant.

3. August. If we take a summer vacation as a family, it’s usually in August. Also, I don’t mind getting out of New York in the August heat and humidity.

2. April. This is when we travel for Pesach. It’s a very slim margin in these rankings between April at number two on this list and my number one ranking, but in the end, I bumped April down to second because I usually find the airports to be a little more crowded at this time of year. But traveling during the beautiful spring weather can’t be beat!

1. September. In this month we travel for Sukkot, sometimes domestically to family and other times abroad to a kosher Sukkot hotel. I just love traveling in the fall! The changing colors of the leaves, the cooling autumn weather, the kids are going back to school… simply the best.

If you’re also traveling for Sukkot this year, here are a few suggestions of things to pack:

1. A change of clothes in your carry-on luggage. I’d recommend you cram into your carry-on bag just enough for one day (underwear, socks, a shirt), in case your luggage goes missing. This has happened to me, so be warned! When I travel for work, I usually get everything into a rolling carry-on suitcase, but the last time I traveled for a summer vacation, the airline lost my suitcase! Here’s hoping that for my upcoming Sukkot vacation, all our suitcases will make it through.

2. A small notebook for writing notes. I have started keeping track of what I do on Sukkot vacation, and hopefully, I’ll take all the photos that we all take on our phones, put some text around them and print out a nice photo memory book! So, it can be very helpful to have a few notes from each day of what you did, where you went, and so on.

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