4 Ways to Spice Up Your Matzah

I want you to think back to your first bite of matzah. If you can’t do that, then at least try to think back to your first bite of matzah of a certain Pesach, or even last Pesach. How did it taste? Pretty boring, right? Remember, the first bite of matzah is at the seder. You may be excited to eat it since all that’s in your stomach is a little karpas and some wine, and you’ve spent the last, I don’t know how much time, retelling the story of the exodus and singing songs and sharing words of Torah, and your stomach is growling in anticipation for all the soups and meats and all the delicious yummy foods that will be arriving shortly with the Shulchan Orech part of the seder. But the matzah itself is pretty ordinary, wouldn’t you say?  Right after eating that first bite of matzah, we do get a second chance to make something interesting with it, but what do we get? A Hillel sandwich – matzah and charoset and marror. Not exactly a savory treat.

Thankfully, I’m here to help you punch up your matzah, to turn it from a food you have to eat on the holiday, into a food that you just have to have! Here are five ways to spice up your matzah this Passover:

  1. JAM. This is probably the simplest way, but it’s simply delicious. It’s sweet and crunchy and really allows for the flavor the jam to burst forth. Plus, there are so many different jams you can choose from: strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry – and those are just the berries! Personally, I say you can’t go wrong with apricot. However, for those of you who like a little variety in the jams of your life, I’d recommend breaking your matzah into a bunch of smaller pieces, and having a little tasting session with as many jams as you have! And if I could offer a friendly reminder: Make sure to use a clean knife for each jam jar, or else risk jam contamination (conJAMination?).
  2. AVOCADO. This might not be one that your parents or grandparents did, but it’s certainly delicious and tasty and hearty as well. All the kids are talking about avocado toast, but you know what’s more toast than toast? A piece of matzah that bypasses toast and goes straight to flat and crunchy. Feel free to sprinkle a dash of salt or paprika or another spike to punch up the creamy avocado. Whether you’re making this at home in your pajamas or in the dining room of the kosher Passover hotel, this is a great option anywhere and anytime. 
  3. PIZZA. A modern classic. You get cheese and tomato sauce, and bam! You got yourself a pizza. And like the jam suggestion above, you can also play around with different options: You can make smaller pizza bites with different variations: mushrooms, olives, onions, pineapple (there’s one pineapple-pizza lover in every family, am I right?), plus all different types of cheeses. I’m hungry just thinking about it…
  4. HUMMUS. For all the kitniyot eaters out there, this looks delicious. Can you tell me how it is? I’d love to spread hummus on a matzah and then top it with some ground beef, like they have in hummus restaurants in Israel (with pita instead of matzah, obviously, in the rest of the year).

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