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Search and Destroy: Passover Mission for Chametz

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When Pesach starts to appear on the horizon, you know there’s a lot of work to do. There’s cooking lots of food for two seders and a week’s worth of meals without the use of classic staples like bread, pasta or cookies. And if you’re cooking lots of food, then you’re also koshering your kitchen, doing things like cleaning the oven and toveling all your pots and pans and scrubbing everything so it sparkles like new. And if you’re koshering your kitchen, then you’re also gathering all your chametz into a designated location to sell it, and also destroying any other chametz that may be in your home.

Now, there are ways to skip some of these steps. If you’re invited out for one or both seders, you won’t have to do all that cooking (so make sure to thank your hosts most sincerely!) That might solve one or two meals, but you still have to cook the rest of the week – unless you’re going away to a kosher Passover vacation, where you won’t have to do any cooking at all. As another bonus, you won’t have to clean your kitchen for pesach.

However, regardless of whether you’re at home or somewhere else for pesach, you still have to destroy all chametz in your home (unless you designate it to be sold).  And there are so many places for chametz to hide! You have to make sure that you get all of it, so I tried to come up with a list of a few tricky places where I’ve searched for (and found) chametz in the past. I came up with a few (toy chest, car glove compartment, briefcase), but for me the most important and trickiest place to search is:

COAT POCKETS. Specifically, winter coat pockets. A general rule of cleanliness is to make sure to not keep food in your clothing, and that goes double for pesach. You need to make sure that a cookie snack-pack or a candy bar isn’t tucked into a pocket of a sweater or a pair of jeans. If you have little kids, they might have forgotten it when they took off the item of clothing, while if you have bigger kids (or a spouse!), they might have put the food in a pocket for later and then…forgot it there when they took off the item of clothing. You should go through your clothes and your wardrobes, but don’t forget to go through your coat closet too, since you might have forgotten a snack in your winter coat, which you haven’t seen in a few weeks.

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