Prepping Your Phone for Your Passover Travels

I’m always trying to declutter my phone. That’s deleting photos (or printing them out), reading emails (so I don’t see a number of unread emails in the thousands), and removing apps that I’m not using anymore (mostly it’s just games that I try but don’t get into). I’m not always successful, but I do try from time to time. Now, for those Pesach holidays when we stay home, my phone is unaffected. But when we go away on a kosher Passover vacation, my phone will get a little fuller, at least temporarily. 

You might be asking, What’s the connection between the state of my phone and my Pesach location? The answer is useful apps! As important as it is to pack your suitcases with all the clothes and toiletries and accessories you will need during your vacation, it’s just as important to pack your phone with the things you will need when you’re traveling. I would recommend adding a passcode to your phone if you haven’t already. If you’re traveling overseas, I would advise you to research if you want to purchase a SIM card that will give you internet abroad, and I would also check what kind of plugs they have, so you can get the right kind of phone charger. 

So, that covers more of the hardware aspect of preparing your phone for your kosher Passover vacation. Now let’s talk about a few useful apps you might want to download before you travel:

  1. Flight Tracker or Flightview. Let’s start with your travels. You’ll want to make sure your flight is on time, so you can get to the airport on time. This is useful both for flying to your travel destination and for your return flight home. Alternatively, you might want to consider installing this app if you’re staying home for Pesach but have friends or family flying in, and you’re picking them up from the airport. 
  2. Uber or Lyft. From the airport to your hotel or from your hotel to wherever you need to go. Depending on where you travel, cabs might be common and the way to go, but it might be that these ride apps will be useful too. 
  3. Kosher GPS and Kosher Near Me. Apps like these are useful for finding important Jewish resources, both in North America and overseas. This can help you locate kosher restaurants and kosher markets, as well as other vital resources like mikvahs or even minyanim. Check to see if your travel destination is covered before you fly! 
  4. Google Translate or Duolingo. If I’m traveling to a place where English isn’t the main language, I download a language app to have a little translating ability at my fingertips. If you have a little more time before you travel, you might want to download something like Duolingo to get a little practice on the language before you go. 

How’s that to start? You can also install local apps, like maps of the subways or trains of the specific city you travel to. Remember, whatever you install, uninstall the app when you’re back from your trip!

No matter where you are traveling for your kosher Passover vacation, these apps can help you make the best of it, and so can contacting Leisure Time Tours to learn more about our vacation packages.

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