Preparing for Your Passover Vacation Abroad

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Pesach is fast approaching, which means it’s time to ask yourself: Do you know where you’ll be for seders this year? There are many options you can choose from: you can stay at home or get invited out; you can do something small and intimate or big and bustling; you can stay with family or have you family come stay with you; you can stay somewhere familiar or go somewhere entirely new. So many choices! But in this post, I will address those of you who will be traveling somewhere new, and specifically, somewhere overseas. Yes, here are a few tips for those of you will be traveling abroad for pesach this year:

  1. MAKE SURE YOUR PASSPORT IS UP TO DATE. It’s not enough for your passport to be valid when you depart; rather, it’s important to make sure that your passport will still be in date up to six months from the end of your trip. Now is a good time to check! Also, if you’re going to a country that needs a visa, make sure to do that too!
  2. LEARN A FEW PHRASES. This doesn’t apply if you’re traveling to a place where English is the native language. But if you’re going somewhere else, like, say, Italy – you might want to pick up a guidebook or download an app, just to practice a few important words and phrases. If you’re going to an international hub, there’s a good chance that the locals speak a little English anyway. However, it can still be nice to be able to say a few simple words, like Hello or Goodbye or Thank You.
  3. FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE LOCAL KOSHER LANDSCAPE. If you’re going on a kosher Passover vacation, you’ll have all your food needs taken care of. But if you’re not, or if you just want to explore the local food landscape, you should plan ahead of time. Check what the local kosher symbols are – is it a symbol you’re familiar with? Take double care because it has to be not only kosher, but kosher for pesach. You should also take a look at where the kosher markets might be, or if a local market has a kosher section in it.
  4. DECIDE WHAT KIND OF TRIP YOU WANT. Do you want to constantly be on the go, or do you just want to sit by the pool and relax? Both are great ways to spend a vacation, but you will have to do a little more work beforehand if you choose the former option. Before you leave, look at the museums, exhibits, buildings and other famous landmarks, so that way you have an itinerary ready to go when you arrive at your destination!

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