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Preparing Your House When Going on a Passover Vacation

Hello dear readers,

Now that the high holidays are over, it’s not too early to start thinking about booking your stay at a Passover resort for 2018. We’re not going away this year, but if you are, I can’t recommend Leisure Time Tours enough!  We used them for our pesach trip to Florida and our recent sukkot trip to Italy, and they were both so relaxing, and so much fun!

I know a few people who have already started making their travel plans, so good for you for getting started early! For those of you will be going away, here are a few tips for preparing your house when going on a Passover vacation. Just FYI, in a future post I’ll share some tips for preparing your house when you’re staying at home, and a few more tips if you’re hosting a lot of guests. (And trust me, I’ve had chagim with A LOT of guests.)

  1. THINK ABOUT YOUR WINTER-TO-SPRING TRANSITION. They say that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, and this year March goes out with pesach and the (sacrificial) lamb a.k.a. the korban pesach! Still, if you’re going away for pesach you should think about doing your winter-to-spring transitioning before you leave (basically, instead of your intensive pre-pesach cleaning, though see number 2 below). This could mean taking out your summer outfits and putting your winter clothes back into storage, or replacing your snow tires with regular tires. The more you do before, the less you’ll have to when you come back from your vacation feeling totally relaxed and not in the mood to do any cleaning at all…
  2. PESACH CLEANING. Surprise! Yes, even if you’re not going to be at home for chag, you still need to make sure you don’t have any chametz lingering. Yes, I’m sure it’s easier to just sell all your chametz and be done with it, but come on, we both know that it’s called spring cleaning for a reason, right? I think everyone could do a little light chametz cleaning before taking off for Florida or Italy or wherever, but you should decide for yourself what “light cleaning” will suffice for you! (Of course, my kids think that my “light cleaning” is still impossibly lengthy and thorough, but that’s a topic for another day).
  3. FIND A GOOD HOUSESITTER. You could risk it by waiting for the last minute, but wouldn’t you feel better knowing you’ve already found someone who is familiar with the neighborhood, who is responsible and reliable, and who already knows how to deal with your dog? On an unrelated note 😉 Reuven wants to let you know that he’ll be home for pesach…

More soon,


If you are considering a kosher Passover vacation for your family, choose Leisure Time Tours. We can handle all of the details so you have more time to relax with your family. Call us today at 718-528-0700 to book your vacation.

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