How to Pack for Your Passover Vacation

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We read in the Torah that when the Jews left Egypt, they were told to ask the neighboring Egyptians for gold, silver and clothing to take with them when they departed for the Red Sea on their way to freedom. Well, if you’re going away for pesach, say, on a kosher Passover vacation, I would not recommend asking your neighbors to give you their valuables, but I am here to give you some advice on how to pack before heading out on whatever pesach journey you’re about to start! So here are some pointers for what to pack and what not to pack, for your upcoming pesach journey:

  1. CHECK THE FORECAST. Since the Jewish people had clothes on their list, I figure I’d start my list there too. For clothes, it’s important to check the weather forecast of your destination before you start packing. Seems simple, no? You should know that I’m familiar with more than a few people who thought they were going to a sunny resort where the weather was always perfect, but who then realized it got cool or windy at night. The point is, don’t just pack a tank top and flip flops. Layers are important, so even if it feels weird to bring a light sweater to a beachfront destination, it might be the more practical option.
  2. TO SWIM OR NOT TO SWIM. Okay, so now your suitcase includes not only a tank top and flip flops, but also a light sweater and maybe a pair of long pants. Now, if you’re going to a place that has swimming, either a pool or the sea, it’s a good idea to bring a swimsuit, just in case. A few years ago, my nephew forgot to pack his bathing suit, and the only thing he could find for sale that would fit him was a tiny yellow speedo. I’m not going to tell you how the story ends, but just remember to pack a bathing suit if there’s even the smallest chance that you’d want to go in the water.
  3. DON’T FORGET ABOUT SHUL CLOTHES! Okay, so now your suitcase has tank tops and flip flops, a light sweater and a pair of long pants, and a swimsuit or two. But before you zip your suitcase closed, make sure you’ve packed your shul clothes! Because even if you’re going away to the beach, you’re still going to need something nice to wear to go to shul. Some people will take a lite version of their shul attire, my son won’t wear his suit jacket to shul when we’re at a pesach resort so we just stopped packing it, and some will take the full ensemble. My husband still dresses ever so sharply, no matter where he is. Just make sure you won’t get stuck going to shul on yom tov in a tacky Hawaiian shirt!

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