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What to Pack for your Pesach Vacation

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Some of you may be staying home for pesach this year. And you know what? Staycations can be fun, too! Sleeping in your own bed, going to your own shul, not having to worry about changing your electrical plugs (if you’re going overseas that is). But if you are going away for pesach this year, and traveling to a Passover vacation… then get ready for an awesome vacation! Wahoo!

Of course, if you’re heading overseas you should make sure to pack those pesky electrical converting plugs (110 volts? 220 volts? Plugs of all different shapes and sizes and prongs, oh my!). And you should try to pack a multiple converting plugs, so each family member has a plug to charge their phones or tablets or whatever. Plugs are an important thing to pack (along with clothes, bathing suits, passports, and the usual mishegas), but I’m sure that you want to know a few other secret items that a well-experienced traveler like myself would be able to recommend.

Today, however, I’m going to change things up a bit. Instead of the key items that I recommend, I’m going to share with you some advice… from one of my kids! Yes, regardless of whether your kids are old enough to pack for themselves or whether you need to pack for them, it’s also important to make sure you have all the essentials (plus a few things that aren’t!) when going on a full family Passover vacation adventure. In her own words, here are my Rachel’s essential tips for what to pack when going away for a family pesach adventure:

RACHEL: Well I have a term paper due right after pesach so I’ll have to be working on it while we’re on vacation, so that definitely sucks. I guess I’m bringing a bunch of boring textbooks or whatever. Let’s see, what else … one good tip is to check the weather and plan your wardrobe and pack accordingly. You might think you’re going to a sunny beach hotel, but if it’s still early spring you might still need a comfy sweater or two… Another thing to check is to make sure if you’ll be doing laundry on the trip. Yeah it’s weird but if you will be doing laundry then you can pack more stuff I guess … killer sunglasses are a must… oh and a phone charger. Last time Ronit forgot to bring her charger, and we had to share for the first few days of the trip. The worst.

Thanks Rachel!

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Now that you know what to pack, take a look at the options you have for where to go for your pesach vacation this year. Contact Leisure Time Tours at 800-223-2624 to book your vacation today.

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