Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Must-See Stops on Your Passover Travel to Rome

The ancient City of Rome has a lot to offer travelers. The rich history of the region makes it a popular destination for Passover travel. The truth is that any time is a great time to visit Rome and soak up the splendor and history that abound in this region. After you’ve taken in the traditional tourist destinations associated with a trip to Rome, you might want to consider exploring these fascinating locations as well:

  1. Visit the ancient capital of Sabina, Rieti. The city is surrounded by stunning mountain views and rich history as a center of Medieval and Roman activity.
  2. Travel to Castelli Romani. Located just outside of Rome, the area’s literal translation is Roman Castles. It actually refers to a collection of small towns that are famous for the wines they produce as well as their produce. Here you’ll find fresh fruits, flowers, and fish. Many of which are kosher for Passover.
  3. Walk among the monsters in the Garden of Bomarzo (also known as the Park of the Monsters). The park is filled with magnificent sculptures. While privately owned, it remains a major attraction for tourists.
  4. Take in the medieval majesty and healing springs of Fiuggi. The Grand Hotel Palazzo Della Fonte, located in Fiuggi is an example of the splendor and opulence of the past. Feel like royalty on your Passover vacation as you visit this kosher hotel that has transformed its menu to meet the strictest kosher for Passover standards so that you can focus on relaxation, rejuvenation, and the excitement of a Rome vacation while letting someone else deal with the menu, meal prep, and clean up.


Leisure Time Tours offers Passover vacations that are truly once in a lifetime experiences. The Grand Hotel Palazzo Della Fonte offers activities for the children, spa experiences for the adults, lectures, discussions, religious services daily, and optional sightseeing tours so that you can enjoy the best that Rome has to offer during your stay. Rabbi Yitzchok Schochet, is serving as the Scholar-in-Residence for Passover. He has been called one of the “ten most influential Rabbis in the United Kingdom,” and is an author and lecturer in addition to his duties as Rabbi of England’s Mill Hill Synagogue. Contact us today at (718)528-0700 for more information.

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