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Tips for Making your Seder Stress-Free

Hello dear readers,

As you all know, pesach is coming up. I always find that right after Purim ends, the stress starts to creep on you. On the logistical scale, it’s travel plans and coordinating with family and figuring out who we’re inviting for seders (or who’s inviting us). Inside the house, it’s the cleaning, the kashering, the emptying (and refilling) of the second refrigerator, first with frozen things like kugels and then in the fridge itself with briskets and such. Stress! It can get to you.

Now, even though all the cooking and cleaning and coordinating will build from Purim until pesach and then last throughout the pesach holiday, I usually find that the stress reaches a crescendo on the seder nights (particularly the first seder night, if you ask me). Stress! It can get to you. (Whoops, I already wrote that. Stress can also get to you while you’re writing!)

Now, one great way to cut down on a lot of the stressors that come around pesach and the seder nights is… to go away for pesach! If you’ve booked a stay at a kosher Passover hotel, then most of the heavy lifting is all-included. You don’t have to worry about planning the menu or washing piles and piles of dishes. (You will still have to worry about which tune to use for Chad Gadya, and whether your husband’s Great-Uncle Shalom will ever sing on-key).

So, going to a hotel is a fun way to make your seder nights easy and stress free.  Stress! It can get to – nope, don’t need to go there anymore, I’m stress-free now! Here are some other ways to keep your stress levels low during the seders:

  1. BE OUR GUEST. Or, rather, be someone else’s guest. In addition to the ordinary stress of planning a seder, having guests can be even more stressful. At the same time, there’s a lot less pressure if you’re not planning your own seder, but merely going as a guest to another family. There’s pros and cons to being the seder’s road team (did I get that sports term right?), but a big pro is a reduction of stress. A good balance might be to go out for one seder and host another; in fact, a few years ago we hosted our neighbors the Horowitzes for the first seder, and they hosted us for the second seder. Something to think about.
  2. FOUR CUPS OF WINE. It’s certainly a mitzvah to have four cups on seder night, so hopefully you can use the alcohol as a way to unwind after a stressful planning of the seder. Enjoy!


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