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Kosher Vacation Packages: What Adventures You Can Expect

Vacations should be a time to relax and take a break from everyday responsibilities, but for Kosher-keeping travelers, things are usually more complicated. Most destinations require you to plan ahead by mapping out Kosher food options or preparing your own in advance. Both choices take away from the relaxation and spontaneity of vacation. 

Fortunately, numerous options allow you to enjoy the freedom of the holiday without stressing too much over food. Here’s what you can expect when you travel with a Kosher vacation package, or if you decide to stay home.

Day Trips

Sometimes the easiest vacations are the ones right in your neighborhood. Horseback riding, indoor trampoline parks, theaters, ziplines, aquariums and zoos can all be great options for enjoying your holiday without the stress of planning out meals for long-distance travel. 

For families who are curious about how Kosher food gets made, Ben and Jerry’s, Asher’s Chocolates, and Herr’s snacks are just a few of the many factories that offer tours. Baseball lovers will be pleased to know that several Major League ballparks now offer kosher concession stands.

However, if you do decide to travel to Italy, Prague or some of our Passover locations in the United States, you can also expect all types of day trips and destinations with planned gourmet Kosher meals. 

Big Cities

Cities with a sizeable Jewish population can be a perfect option for travel. Spend your days enjoying the sites and people-watching while sampling the readily available high-quality kosher cuisine. Some of the most cutting edge kosher food in the world can be found in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Miami. 

But, you aren’t limited to travel in the States. The historic Jewish quarters of European cities such as Rome, London or Paris are abundant with outstanding kosher restaurants. Even Latin America has a Kosher scene. Check out Mexico City, Lima, Buenos Aires and Panama City for a whole new take on Kosher food. Prague has recently become the hottest destination for Orthodox travelers in recent years!

Go Outdoors

Passover can be the perfect time to explore the great outdoors. There are few better ways to appreciate all of nature’s glory than a camping trip. Imagine the thrills of hiking through awe-inspiring mountaintop vistas by day and sleeping under the stars at night. Since you’ll need to bring your own food and cooking equipment anyway, a Kosher vacation outdoors is relatively easy to plan. 

If you go with a Kosher travel agency, you can also expect beautiful outdoor activities and explorations in unique and interesting destinations. From PGA golf courses to biking along coastlines, a planned Kosher vacation package can really enhance the Passover experience. 

Hotel Conversions

Passover is meant to be a time to celebrate freedom. In 2020, enjoy true freedom by booking a Kosher vacation package with Leisure Time Tours. It is our pleasure to take care of all the details so that you can fully enjoy your holiday. You will be amazed by all the exciting options we have to offer.

During the holiday, we transform an array of different luxury resorts and hotels to welcome our Kosher travelers. Beyond the lavish amenities provided by the resorts, we offer daily religious services, stimulating lectures, high-quality children’s programs, and top-notch entertainment.  

And… don’t forget the food! Chefs at our hotels provide guests with high-quality, cutting edge cuisine, all under strict Glatt Kosher supervision. 

Let this Passover be the one where you truly break free from the stress of everyday life by booking a Kosher Passover vacation in one of our beautiful destinations. 

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