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How to Survive Group Trips and Still Remain Friends

Traveling with friends can be thrilling. From wandering through markets, checking out historical sites, munching on fresh food, and drifting down whatever streets capture the imagination, friends can make these experiences even more exciting.

What happens, however, when you travel with a group who has a different set of travel-goals, going at a different pace? Maybe you’re spontaneous and adventurous, while other friends have a concrete itinerary. Perhaps you like to get up early to maximize the day, while your friends want to relax and do almost nothing. Maybe you’re willing to spend more money eating at restaurants or on other experiences, while your travel partners follow a strict budget.

When you’re outnumbered, this can especially be frustrating as you’re left with lingering resentment toward your friends and a general feeling of disappointment. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way! With a little forethought and communication, you can experience a Kosher vacation of your dreams AND keep your friendships.

Here are five travel tips to help you survive group trips and still keep your friends afterward


You dream of lying on the beach for days while your friends would rather check out all the museums and historical sites. Does that mean you can’t travel together? Not necessarily! With some planning and negotiation, you can create a trip that allows you to do the things you enjoy while experiencing some new adventures you might not have thought of on your own. The important thing is that you spend some time talking beforehand about your expectations, your travel style, even your dietary preferences. You may discover that there are friends whose expectations are so different than yours that you wouldn’t make good travel partners. But, it is far better to find that out beforehand than potentially ruin a friendship!

Pool Your Strengths and Resources

Once you have decided which friends would make the best traveling companions, it’s time to start planning! One of the greatest things about traveling in a group is that each person has something to contribute. One of your friends may have visited the city before and have a firsthand knowledge of the sites not to be missed. Another friend may be particularly good at finding deals. Someone else may know the language or have a local friend. Knowing the skills and resources that you each bring to the table can help you to plan the most enjoyable trip for everyone.

Don’t Be Overambitious

Remember that you are there to enjoy yourself, not check off a bucket list of sites. Trying to do too many things on one trip can lead to a lot of arguing and not much fun. Choose a few essential experiences and make the most of them.

Split Up, As Needed

 It is wonderful to travel with a group, but there is a certain beauty in being alone or with one or two close friends. If most of the group wants to visit a synagogue, but you’d rather wander through a botanical garden, don’t be afraid to break ranks and head out on your own for a while. You’ll come back to the rest of the group with new experiences to share and a renewed appreciation for their companionship.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Travel is rife with disappointments and delays. There’s nothing like a late train on a hot day to put everyone in a bad mood. But, try not to let inconveniences ruin the big picture. You are in an amazing place with some of your favorite people! Remember that what might, at this moment, seem like a miserable experience, can potentially be the stuff of funny, memorable stories in the future.

In the end, what’s most important is not having a picture-perfect vacation, but forming lifelong bonds through memories and shared experiences.

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