A Guide to the Campania Coastline

Imagine spending your Passover vacation exploring hilltop towns rich with history, resting on white sandy beaches, and basking in the warm Mediterranean sun. A trip to the Campania region of Italy for Passover in 2020 offers you all of this and so much more.

The Campania region is divided into five provinces, each with its own unique charm. The region’s capital is Naples, a vibrant and chaotic city, full of rich history and unique artistic treasures. To start your adventure, consider spending a few days getting blissfully lost in the shops and cafes nestled along the narrow, winding streets. 

Mount Vesuvius

Just east of the city looms a foreboding geographical wonder that, ironically, many Neapolitans hail as the protector of their city. Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano in mainland Europe. Travelers who brave climbing the infamous mountain are rewarded with stunning views and an adrenaline rush they won’t soon forget.


To the East of Naples lies the province of Avellino, an area known for its medieval villages, beautiful mountains, and breathtaking natural beauty. Travel through time inside of one Avellino’s many castles, immerse yourself in nature alongside its beautiful lakes and lush forests, and embrace the Earth’s bounty in the vineyards and olive groves, which produce some of the highest quality wine and oil in the world.


Travel north of Avellino to discover the pristine beauty of Benevento, an area steeped in history. Once an important trading station for Ancient Rome, Benevento suffered major damage during WWII. Today, Benevento welcomes you to enjoy a slower-pace, away from the busy tourist areas. Stroll through quiet pathways, enjoying natural and historical treasures. Make sure to spend some time exploring the Roman ruins strewn throughout the province. Two of the most impressive structures are the Roman Theater and Tarjan’s Arch.


Journeying to the west of Avellino will bring you to Caserta, home of the world’s largest palace. Slip inside the Reggia di Caserta for a view of the 1200 rooms, 1790 windows, and 34 staircases that was once Europe’s largest building. The Castle has stood up well against the passage of time. Visitors today can explore the royal apartments, galleries of paintings, and the Palatine Chapel. But, perhaps even more impressive than the interior of the Castle are the miles of fountains, pools, and greenery stretching across the palace gardens.


No trip to Campania would be complete without a visit to Salerno. While the city itself boasts beautiful gardens and historical sites, the Amalfi Coast is the crowning jewel of Salerno, and perhaps all of Italy. Even the ride to the Amalfi Coast is spectacular.  Wind along past grand villas, terraced vineyards, and cliffside lemon groves until the dramatic coast opens up before you. While you’re there, bask in the beauty of the sheer cliffs, rugged shorelines and pastel-colored fishing villages, knowing that many internationally known celebrities make yearly pilgrimages to enjoy this same view.

Plan a Passover Vacation in Italy 2020

A trip to Campania is a chance to connect with both the beauty of nature and the richness of humanity. Let Leisure TIme Tours help you plan a Passover trip to this unique region of the world in 2020. Contact us to learn more about our resorts and Passover vacations.

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