6,000 Matzo Balls: Cooking for Thousands on Passover

What goes into a Leisure Time Tours Passover program? The food needs alone would make your head spin. LTT uses only the finest ingredients when preparing Passover meals for its guests, but more of them than you can wrap your head around:

• 15,552 bottles of water
• 38,400 eggs
• 2,880 bottles of wine
• 1,200 bottles of grape juice
• 3,200 pounds of matzo
• 19,200 pounds of meat and chicken
• 6,000 matzo balls
• 1,500 gallons of soup
• 12,000 pounds of cakes and cookies

Is it a lot of preparation and consistent effort? It sure is. But it’s well worth it knowing that so many families will spend the entirety of Passover creating beautiful memories…and never worrying about food preparation or clean up.

But it’s not just the food and leisure that make Leisure Time Tours Passover vacations stand apart. Our guests enjoy constant pampering and non-stop family fun from the moment they check in. There are also daily religious services, guest lecturers, and programs of all kinds for every member of the family. Contact us today to learn more.

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