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5 Hikes You Can’t Miss in AZ While You’re There for Your Pesach Vacation

When picturing your Pesach vacation, you may think of delicious food and quality time with family.

The best way to spend time with loved ones is to take advantage of the exceptional trails outdoors.

Arizona is jam-packed with top-tier nature and hiking. Travelers from around the globe come to AZ to bear witness to massive canyons and alien deserts.

Pesach is a perfect time to hike in Arizona because it will allow you to enjoy moderate weather outdoors.

Despite avoiding the summer heat, desert hiking requires care and forethought. Make sure to bring plenty of water and hats, and other sun protection. Nothing ruins a beautiful hike more than dehydration.

Arizona has so much more to offer than dusty roads and tumbleweeds. Here are the 5 hikes you can’t afford to miss on your Pesach vacation.

1. Phoenix North Mountain Preserve

Experience hiking and biking trails in the Phoenix North Mountain Preserve located right behind the Point Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. The North Mountain Visitor Center (located adjacent to our resort) is a great place to start. The breathtaking Phoenix Mountain Preserve sets Tapatio Cliffs Resort apart and has several accessible trails to experience the Sonoran Desert up close.

2. Pinnacle Peak Hike, Scottsdale AZ

This 3.5 miles journey is not for the faint of heart. Pinnacle Peak requires torso strength and rock climbing skills to submit this majestic peak.

The challenge is worth it, and from 1300 ft elevation, you’ll be able to see marvelous vistas and charming saguaros.  Difficulty: Hard.

3. The Rim Trail, Grand Canyon

Arizona is the Grand Canyon State for a reason – this massive canyon extends for miles, as far as the eye can see. Get to know the world-famous canyon walking the Rim Trail. (This is the trail where all the postcards snap their pictures from).

The Rim Trail traverses the edge of the canyon and will allow you to spot a variety of different scenes. This route is accessible to wheelchair users and will delight the whole family. Difficulty: Easy

4. Cathedral Rock, Sedona

Sedona is an alternative town known for its new-age aesthetic. While you’re there, you must take a day for Cathedral Rock, the best day hike in stunning Sedona, AZ. This 2-mile trail saddles two stunning peaks: Bell Rock and Mogollon Rim. The route is named for the Cathedral Rock, which sticks out of the valley and inspires the imagination. If possible, hike the trail during the weekday to avoid the weekend crowds. Difficulty: Medium

5. Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon

This 1.3-mile stroll provides iconic views of the Colorado river circling a massive rock.

The i-can’t-believe-its-real scene draws an uncountable number of visitors from across the globe. Try and go early to avoid the throngs of visitors who crowd this trail. The renovated trail is now wheelchair accessible. Difficulty: Easy.

6. Havasu Falls Trail, Havasupai Indian Reservation

Who said Arizona hiking is just boring old desert? Well, that person clearly hasn’t been to Havasu Falls. This trail combines the red desert dirt with bountiful greenery and turquoise waterfalls to create the perfect hike. Everyone at your Daf Yomi Shiur back home will be so jealous when you show them the pictures.

This challenging trek descends into the Grand Canyon. The waterfalls lie within the Havasupai Indian Reservation, so you need a permit to hike and camp on this trail. You should sign up for a permit at least one month in advance to be safe. Make sure you leave time to trek back out of the canyon. Go with an organized tour company and be flexible on dates as the slots fill up quickly. Difficulty: Hard.

Planning Your Arizona Pesach Vacation

Arizona offers towering peaks and deep canyons. Any family in the southwest for Pesach must explore Arizona the best way possible — outdoors. Well, what are you waiting for? Strap on a pair of hiking boots and get outdoors.

If you are looking for a place to stay during your Pesach vacation in Arizona, contact Leisure Time Tours today. We offer Kosher, Pesach, and Passover options for all of our guests. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

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