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Passover 2017
Transfers & Tours in Tuscany

Adventures in Northern Italy (AINI LLC) will be handling airport transfers and all group tours for our Passover guests. In order to better serve you, please reserve all your transfers and tours by March 13, 2017. For more information, please contact David Leibowitz; see his contact information below. Adventures in Northern Italy is very happy to offer the following private transfers and group tours, and can also custom-design any other excursion you may wish to undertake in Italy. All payments are made directly to Adventures in Northern Italy through Credit Card, PayPal or bank wire transfer.


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We offer the following luxury vehicle transfers from/to Florence Airport:

Car (max 2 people): 65€ one-way, 122€ round trip discount
Minivan (3-7 people): 95€ one-way, 180€ round trip discount


Wednesday April 12, 2017

FLORENCE BY NIGHT                             9:15pm – 11:15pm, 65€/person
An exciting nocturnal walking tour that will give us the chance to appreciate the charm of Florence and its history. First we’ll ascend by bus to a high point affording magnificent views over the entire city, which for many centuries was the capital of the independent and proud Florentine/Tuscan state; then we’ll descend on foot towards the Arno river, visiting some of the city’s most famous sites such as Piazza dellaSignoria, Ponte Vecchio – famous ‘Old Bridge’ over the Arno, Piazza del Duomo, Piazza Pitti, as well as other hidden corners as we unveil the city’s identity and personality by night.


Thursday April 13, 2017

JEWISH SIENA & KOSHER CHIANTI      8am – 5pm, 149€/person
In its golden age Siena was a proud republic, European financial capital, and arch-rival of Florence.  The city boasts an incredible historic center of summits and slopes that harness the hilly terrain and create unexpected panoramas of brick, stone, and beauty.  All roads in Siena seem to lead to the Campo, the inviting, lively, shell-shaped main Piazza, heart of the city day and night. The former Jewish ghetto is situated near this square, the synagogue hidden behind it with an anonymous facade, as was common for all synagogues built before ghetto emancipation.

Led by an art historian and a member of the Jewish community, we’ll have the pleasure of wandering through this marvelous town, learning more about its very particular history and present: life here is still based around the seventeen different neighborhoods or contrade whose medieval rivalry comes to a head twice a year at the dramatic bareback horse race called the Palio. We’ll tour the lovely 18th century synagogue and museum, meet local community members who will share personal or historical accounts of Siena ebraica. Afterwards, we can visit the Adarveadar atelier and admire the magnificent Jewish-Italian illumination work of the artists.

In the afternoon, we’ll make our way through the countryside of the Chianti region, with its splendid medieval hill towns and castles, rolling vineyards and olive groves. It is as if we are walking into a painting. We’ll visit the wine-making estate of a kosher Chianti Classico producer, and savor what is one of Italy’s best reds, before continuing north back to Florence.


Thursday April 13, 2017

FASHIONABLE FLORENCE                      8:30am – 12:30pm, 129€/person
We will start with a tour of the Costume Gallery in Palazzo Pitti. The costumes on show range from the restored Renaissance dresses found in the tombs of Cosimo de’ Medici and his family (long the ruling family of Florence/Tuscany), to the collections of “Gala” dresses from the 18th to the 20th centuries. We will continue with the visit of the Ferragamo Museum, housed in a precious medieval building and showing the design shoes created by Salvatore Ferragamo. We’ll then continue our tour with a visit to several artisan workshops, which produce various special Florentine products, such as marbled paper, furniture, wood carving and leather goods. Our guide is happy to provide additional advice on the highest quality shops to visit in Florence’s historic center, from clothes to accessories to jewelry stores, so you can best plan your shopping experience.


Thursday April 13, 2017

PRIVATE FLORENCE & GARDENS      2:30pm – 5:30pm, 97€/person

We’ll begin the day with a panoramic view of the city and surrounding countryside, before descending to two splendid gardens, the antique Bardini and Boboli gardens. While tourists crowd the city today, we will find peace in these green oases, which will likely be in spring bloom. Then, we will visit a privately-owned villa and/or gardens, uncovering a part of Noble Florence that is rarely seen by visitors.


Thursday April 13, 2017

THE MALL – THE LUXURY OUTLET     9am – 2pm, 65€/person (without personal shopper)

                                                              1pm – 7:30pm, 89€/person (with personal shopper)

Situated a 30-minute drive away from our hotel, The Mall is a luxury outlet tailored to offer the visitor products from the world’s top designers at the very best prices: Alberta Ferretti, Armani, Bottega Veneta, Etro, Fendi, Gucci, Hogan, Lanvin, LoroPiana, Moschino, Pomellato, Ferragamo, Tods, Valentino and Versace are but a few of the big names present. Enjoy a unique shopping experience in a splendid architectural space, surrounded by the serene Tuscan countryside.

Those departing at 1pm will be accompanied by an expert personal shopper who will present the extensive offering available at the luxury mall on the bus ride over, help orient participants upon arrival and be available all afternoon for shopping advice and assistance.


Friday April 14, 2017

DAVID                                                    7:45am – 9:15am, 129€/person
We’ll be led by a superlative art history university professor to discover Michelangelo’s David, arguably the world’s most important sculpture.


Friday April 14, 2017

JEWISH & CLASSIC FLORENCE              9:30am – 12:30pm, 99€/person
Our guide will introduce Florence on a walk through the city center, where we’ll discover the unexpected presence of Jewish history in some of the most famous landmarks such as the Duomo (cathedral) area and the Baptistery’s ‘Gates of Paradise’ where Tanach stories are illustrated, Piazza dellaRepubblica where the ghetto stood until the late 19th century, Piazza dellaSignoria, Ponte Vecchio area and Via deiGiudei (the ‘Jews’ street’), site of the first Jewish settlement. We’ll visit the grand post-ghetto Florence synagogue and museum, and meet local community members who will regale us with stories from the past as well as recount present-day challenges and opportunities.


Friday April 14, 2017

THE MALL – THE LUXURY OUTLET        9:30am – 2pm 65€/person (without personal shopper)

Situated a 45-minute drive away from our hotel, The Mall is a luxury outlet tailored to offer the visitor products from the world’s top designers at the very best prices: Alberta Ferretti, Armani, Bottega Veneta, Etro, Fendi, Gucci, Hogan, Lanvin, LoroPiana, Moschino, Pomellato, Ferragamo, Tods, Valentino and Versace are but a few of the big names present. Enjoy a unique shopping experience in a splendid architectural space, surrounded by the serene Tuscan countryside.


Friday April 14, 2017

UFFIZI GALLERY                                    2:15pm – 5:15pm, 129€/person
Again led by a superb art history university professor, we’ll explore one of the great museums of the world: the Uffizi houses the premier collection of Italian Renaissance art, featuring works by such masters as Botticelli, Titian, Michelangelo and da Vinci.


Sunday April 16, 2017

PHOTOGRAPHY IN FIESOLE             9am-12:30pm, (price varies with number of participants)

Fiesole is a small hill-town situated 20 minutes away from the center of Florence.Photography enthusiasts can take in the sweeping views over Florence while learning from a renowned professional photographer. Apart from the panorama, there is much to stimulate the curiosity here: Fiesole has a glorious past as an important Etruscan and later Roman settlement, we can visit the Etruscan and Roman archaeological area and museum, and then stroll the idyllic country lanes leading out of town through the olive groves.


Sunday April 16, 2017

SPLENDORS OF FLORENCE FROM THE HILLS         9am – 12:30pm, €89/person
Discover the perfect beauty of the hills, just a few minutes away from the busy city center, on this walking tour. Florence is surrounded by a crown of gentle hills with lovely views over the city, small medieval churches, olive groves and magnificent old villas: one of the most enchanting aspects of the city is in fact its vicinity to this rural splendor.


Sunday April 16, 2017

KOSHER ITALIAN WINE TASTING                          2:30pm – 4pm, 69€/person

We’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating and varied Italian wine regions from a sommelier, who will lead us on this voyage of discovery and tasting of five Italian kosher for Pesach wines.


Itineraries subject to change.
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In addition to the above-described group tours, Adventures in Northern Italylooks forward to custom-designing any other trip you wish to organize before, during and after your stay in Florence. Some interesting ideas include the following:

Cinque Terre– The Apennine mountains spectacularly conclude at the Mediterranean Sea at these five villages known as the ‘Cinque Terre’.
Truffle Hunt – An intriguing walk through splendid countrysideled bya hunter of the elusive truffle fungi and his talented expert dog companion.
Volterra&San Gimignano – Explore two fascinating towns, the former famous for its expansive Etruscan ruins, the latter the medieval “Manhattan” of Tuscany.
Walking in the Chianti Hills– Hike on trails through a sea of olive groves and vineyards, exploring medieval hilltowns enroute.
Personal Shopper – Private guided shopping with an expert who has deep knowledge in the areas of fashion, art, craftsmanship and design.

In The Air – Spectacular private helicopter and plane flights over Florence, Lucca, Pisa and the Mediterranean Coast.


Adventures in Northern Italy (AINI LLC) requests that tours be booked by March 13, 2017. Any bookings made after that date will be subject to availability. Adventures in Northern Italy reserves the right to cancel tours, any time prior to departure, with the only obligation of the restitution of the amount collected. All excursions require a minimum number of 25 participants, except for the Kosher Italian Wine Tasting, which requires a minimum of 18 participants.


  • Up to March 13, 2017, Adventures in Northern Italy (AINI LLC) will refund full payment.
  • From March 14, 2017 to April 3, 2017, AINI will refund 50%.
  • For cancellations after April 3, 2017, AINI may partially refund depending on the circumstances and date of cancellation, but is not obligated to do so.

Conditions & Responsibilities

Adventures in Northern Italy (AINI LLC) and/or their employees act only as agents for the passenger in regard to travel, whether by car, boat, or airplane and assume no liability for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity that may be caused either by reasons of defect in the vehicle or for any reasons engaged in conveying the client or carrying out the arrangements of the tour. They can accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in air or other services, sickness, weather, strike, war, quarantine, or other causes. All such expenses will have to be borne by the passenger.

Adventures in Northern Italy (AINI LLC) is not responsible for extra costs caused by delays or cancellation of air, road, lake, river or trail travel due to bad weather conditions, civil or government strikes or sickness.

Adventures in Northern Italy (AINI LLC) HIGHLY recommends that our clients protect themselves with travel insurance to prevent any financial losses.

Buon soggiorno in Toscana!
Have a wonderful trip in Tuscany!

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