Celebrating Pesach with Leisure Time Tours

Of all of the Jewish holidays, Pesach takes the most physical preparation.  It’s common for people to start Pesach cleaning at least a month before the holiday begins, if not earlier.  So if you can only take one vacation, Pesach is definitely the one to choose.  Sell your chometz, lock your house, and check in at your favorite Leisure Time Tours Pesach destination.  It’s just that easy!!

Pesach celebrates the Jews’ physical exodus from Egypt.  As they left Egypt in haste, there was no time to for the dough to rise on their bread.  As a result, the Jews ate unleavened bread, or matza, which is one of the main symbols of the holiday and a focal point of the Seder.  There is a special blessing made for eating matza and there is a prohibition against eating or owning any leavened food for the eight days of Pesach.

The focus of Pesach revolves around the Seder, held on the first two evenings of Pesach, which recalls the journey of the Jews down to Egypt, their enslavement by the Egyptians, and subsequent physical redemption.  Seder means order, which refers to the specific order in which the Seder is conducted.  You can participate in the group Seder, or conduct a private Seder, with your family and friends.  In either event, you will be provided with all necessary elements, including schmuramatza, a selection of wine and grape juice, and all required components of the Seder plate.  All meals, including the Seder dinners, will be prepared in accordance with the laws of Passover, which prohibit the use of grains and bread.  However, you will be amazed by the creativity of the award-winning chefs, in making meals that rival what you eat during the rest of the year.  You will absolutely not go hungry during Pesach at a Leisure Time Tours resort.

During Yom Tov, davening is enhanced by outstanding chazzanim (cantors) leading the services. Afterwards, you can make kiddush and then head out to listen to a lecture or mingle at the Tea Room, which has more food than a Viennese table at a Jewish wedding.  Over the holiday, you will have the opportunity to hear from lecturers on a variety of Jewish topics, both scholarly and secular, enriching your Jewish education and bringing you up to date on Jewish projects.

Regardless of your location, you will have the option of exploring the area during CholHamoed, by signing up for day trips.  Kosher for Pesach box lunches will be available for anyone who plans to leave the resort during the day and needs provisions.  If you prefer to stay at the resort, you can take advantage of all resort amenities, such as golf, swimming and spa treatments, as well as programs organized on site by Leisure Time Tours.

Not only are there adult programs, there is also nursery care for babies and toddlers and day camp for older children 4-12.  So regardless of your family’s needs, be assured that there is something for everyone during the holiday.  Once you have decided on your location, take action and book your trip, as these programs will sell out!