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May 09


Jugglers and Simchat Beit Hashoeva

Hello dear readers, Our trip to our sukkot hotel in Italy is still months away, but one family member is already excited about visiting (and performing) in a new country. That little performer is, of course, little Reuven, age 10, and the performance is juggling at “simchat beit hashoeva” or “rejoicing in the house of […]  Read more

Apr 26


Why Travel for Sukkot

As most of you know, the bulk of the posts on this blog are about and leading up to pesach. There’s usually a little bump around other holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah and Purim), but the recipes and observations and divrei torah are usually geared toward pesach. I even memorize the date of the next seder […]  Read more

Mar 21


The Great Karpas Debate

Hello dear readers, I want to start this blog post by taking you back in time, back to a simpler time. Before smartphones, before the internet, before Y2K and AOL and all that stuff. Back when I was a kid, before we w ent on kosher Passover vacations, pesach seders were a much more intimate […]  Read more

Mar 17


Pesach Poetry

Hello dear readers, I’ve been feeling a wave of artistic inspiration recently, and I thought I’d channel that wave into some pesach-related poetry! (I tried channeling that wave into a watercolor painting of a sunset, but it just looks like a watery blur…) I also asked some family and friends for their own pesach poems, […]  Read more

Mar 09


Pesach Traditions: Our “go-to to-go” bag

Hello dear readers, I’m so excited for our upcoming pesach vacation (thanks Leisure Time Tours), I’ve already started my list of things to pack! We’re obviously looking forward to the sunshine and the warm Florida spring, especially here in New York when it’s still February. Brr! The ordinary packing list is pretty straightforward – socks, […]  Read more

Mar 02


Pesach Chopped

Hello dear readers, I was looking at some photos from last pesach, and I was reminded of a fun family event from last year. We had wanted to make a new family tradition by having this event every year, but since we’re going to a Passover hotel in Florida this year, we might do it […]  Read more

Feb 15


The Matzah Poll

Hello dear readers, At around this date last year, I wrote about the origins of the Hillel sandwich, as an introduction to sharing five family recipes for charoset. No new recipes in this post (make sure to check back in a week or two!), so I wanted to write a little bit about THE BEST […]  Read more

Jan 13


The Significance of the Number Four on Passover

Hello de4r re4ders, With my 4m4zing pes4ch v4c4tion right 4round the corner, I thought I’d t4ke the time I’m not using prep4ring for ch4g by writing 4bout one of the centr4l numbers in the h4g4ddah. C4n you guess wh4t number I h4ve in mind? (Thinking) Okay, maybe that was a little much. But seriously, I’m […]  Read more

Jan 04


Five Reasons Why A Passover Vacation Is For You

I know it’s only January, but you know what I’m already thinking about? Pesach. (FYI it’s Monday April 10th, and I didn’t even need to look that up, I already memorized the date!) I was already starting to obsess about everything, planning the menus and inviting the seder guests and figuring out where all the […]  Read more

Dec 28


Preparing your house when going on a Passover vacation

Hello dear readers, For the first time in eight years, the Silver/Jacobsen/Blum clan won’t be in New York for Pesach. We’re going to a kosher for Passover hotel in Boca Raton, Florida! By and large, it’s been a stress-free couple of weeks leading up to Pesach (at least on the shopping-cooking-cleaning-planning front. As a mother […]  Read more